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'Arrested Development': Terry Crews on season 4

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Marion Curtis

There’s always money in the banana stand — especially when it’s located at the end of a long, long line filled with hungry Arrested Development superfans.

The Bluth family’s Original Frozen Banana Stand is currently wrapping up its second day in New York City, having launched its stateside tour in Manhattan yesterday. The stand started serving frosty confections at noon, though would-be customers began lining up even earlier than that. (One pair told EW that they had arrived at the stand at 11:40; 45 minutes later, they were still waiting, albeit fairly close to the front of the line.)

By 12:30ish, the line stretched from Columbus Circle to 62nd Street and Broadway, broken only occasionally so that it wouldn’t block access to buildings like the Trump International. A line-tender dressed in a gigantic banana suit handed out “Mr. Manager” stickers to those just joining the pack and estimated that they’d likely be waiting an hour or longer before getting their hands on Giddy-Girly Bananas, George Daddies, or Simple Simons.

As the devoted inched ever closer to that iconic yellow enclosure, they were treated to another sweet site: NFL star-turned-actor Terry Crews, who gladly posed for pictures and answered questions from journalists between noon and 1 p.m. (Series narrator Ron Howard stopped by around 1 as well, but only to pose for shots like the one above; he was in and out faster than you can say “mayonegg.”)

Crews appears in Arrested‘s new season as Herbert Love, a politician who may or may not also be a love interest for Portia de Rossi’s Lindsay Bluth. “All the episodes are going to come out at once, and I don’t want to ruin the surprise for a lot of people with any spoilers,” he told EW, saying only that his character is just as messed up as the rest of the Arrested crew: “All the characters are different levels of dysfunction,” Crews said.

And that edge is, in part, what attracted him to the show. Crews notes that Arrested is “a little more sophisticated” than the family sitcoms he’s perhaps best known for. “Everybody Hates Chris was a beautiful show, but this is a little more grown up — and what I like about it is that it’s a little more evil,” he explained. The comedy’s structure too, is far more complicated than that of the average series — “We didn’t really know [how] what we were saying would impact the [other] episodes,” Crews said. “Only Mitchell had it all mapped out. We just had to trust him.”

So clearly, Crews fit right in among AD‘s established cast. Could that mean that he — like nearly every member of the Bluth family — now has a chicken dance to call his own? “You know, no,” Crews laughed, adding that “what you’re going to see from me, it’s kind of on the same level.” Sounds like it’ll be worth the wait — much like those Bluth-branded bananas. (Though, for the record, you can totally buy the same ones without getting in a blocks-long line.)

Arrested Development returns May 26 on Netflix.

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