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Kevin Smith tweets 'Clerks 3' status update: First draft is complete

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Kevin Smith
Darren Michaels

Good thing Kevin Smith isn’t a slacker like his Clerks characters. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to tweet this status update on the Clerks threequel today:

Putting to use the complex Hollywood equation that is “1 page = 1 minute,” we can assume that this version of the script would yield an approximately 2 hours and 17 minutes-long film. But since we can also assume that Smith hasn’t made his version of The Master, the final draft of the script will likely tighten up the latest adventures of Dante, Randal, et al for a movie closer to the 92-minute runtime of Clerks, the 1994 low-budget comedy that launched Smith’s career.

Smith also provided this teaser: Clerks III “plays like the Empire Strikes Back of the Clerks trilogy.” Which may be a clue to a plot involving Dante getting frozen in carbonite. Or it may just be Smith’s way of saying it’ll be the best Clerks movie yet.

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