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EW's own film fest

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For one heroic week we were ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, thanks to the inaugural EW CapeTown Film Fest. The festival — named after EW.com’s superhero-friendly hub — was launched in conjunction with American Cinematheque and sponsored by TNT’s Falling Skies. It brought 7,000 fans together at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre with filmmakers and sci-fi icons like Leonard Nimoy, Mark Hamill, and Kurt Russell. EW’s Geoff Boucher, Tim Stack, and Anthony Breznican led Q&A’s. ”The movie tanked when it came out,” director John Carpenter said before a screening of his cult classic The Thing. ”I lost a job. People hated me. They thought I was horrible, violent…and I was. But now, here we are 31 years later, and here you are filling a theater.”

Star Wars‘ Mark Hamill stopped by on May 4 during a day of screenings of Return of the Jedi (complete with some in-lobby cameos). Said Hamill of the original movie, ”I predicted, ‘This thing is gonna be bigger than Planet of the Apes. This thing will make at least $25 million.”’

The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World crew, including cartoonist and creator Bryan Lee O’Malley, costar Mary Elizabeth Winstead, director Edgar Wright, costar Satya Bhabha, and costar Brandon Routh, joined a panel before a screening of the 2010 adventure movie.

Falling Skies star Noah Wyle was on hand for a screening of the first half of the series’ two-hour season 3 premiere, set to air June 9 on TNT.

Kurt Russell got a rousing ovation during his Q&A about Escape From New York.