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14th Golden Trailer Awards honor industry leaders

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Golden Trailer
Chris Bailey

Last night, trailer editors gathered at the Art Deco-inspired Saban Theater in L.A. to learn who would receive the highest honor in their field — the Golden Trailer. Attendees in Hawaiian shirts, sequined dresses, suits and ties, and high-heeled boots settled in around the auditorium for two hours of supercuts.

Co-hosts Rob Schneider and Aisha Tyler took turns making fun of the movies the trailers were selling, including resurrecting some punching bags from the most recent awards season, like Les Miserables. Between such outdated jokes, the audience was treated to “nano trailers” — cuts of cuts from the nominated films.

If you look forward to going to the movies at least in part because you get to watch 20 minutes of trailers, the Golden Trailer awards is for you. Here are six things we learned about this thankless, often overlooked industry and its greats last night:

Awards season never really ends

It just gets more fun! The tone at the Golden Trailers was very low-key, with lots of joking around. The nominees and winners didn’t take the event too seriously, but there were still some nice moments when winners thanked their colleagues for challenging them to be more creative and push the boundaries of their field.

Some films just can’t lose

Films like Argo, Silver Linings Playbook, and Les Miserables are no strangers to winning awards — and the Golden Trailers were no exception. Les Mis took home the award for Best Music, owing credit of course to Anne Hathaway’s “I Dreamed A Dream.” While accepting the award, Seismic Productions said that the trailer started as a stick figure drawing of Hathaway, with one producer singing the lyrics and another beatboxing the melody. They lauded the other nominees in their category, saying their “song came with (their) movie.”

A trailer can outshine a movie

The award for the Golden Fleece went to Hit and Run, honoring a trailer that was more enjoyable than the film itself. Also in the Golden Fleece category were Grabbers, The Last Stand, and The Man With The Iron Fists. There appears to be no love lost between the trailer editors and the films they are promoting, as this award is considered one of the most prestigious.

Buddha was in the house

Production company Buddha Jones invited their entire staff to the awards to thank them for all their hard work, which resulted in a loud peanut gallery that cheered at any mention of Buddha. The company walked away with four Golden Trailers, including Best Independent Trailer for Silver Linings Playbook.

Just because you made the trailer, doesn’t mean you know the movie

When the winners for Trashiest Trailer came up to accept their award for Spring Breakers, editors and producers from Mark Woolen & Associates had to be coached by the audience in quoting the famous “bikinis and big booties” line from the film.

Trailer editors are hot

According to host Aisha Tyler, who noted that cutting movies down to three minutes must make a lot of time for P90X, as she wistfully watched an award winner walk offstage.

Click the link to see the full list of Golden Trailer Award winners.

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