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'The Wolverine' CinemaCon trailer

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In the new Wolverine teaser, featuring footage that exhibitors at CinemaCon previewed last month, Hugh Jackman spends the entire time flexing, sweating, and snarling. There’s not a lot of plot to dissect, but there’s plenty of quick-cut action — and a larger reveal of the Silver Samurai! — to reassure fans who feared the new movie was going to be a Malick-ian meditation on the meaning of life for a mutant immortal.

But did anyone really think director James Mangold’s take on the lone-wolf character was going to take a turn for the existential, after seeing the first few action-packed trailers? Wolverine is as Wolverine does.

Watch the new adrenalized clip below:

Are you not entertained?

Perhaps Jackman will have more answers for you tomorrow, when he takes questions via Twitter.


The Wolverine hits theaters on July 26.

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