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'Star Trek' director J.J. Abrams visits 'Downton Abbey'

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(Let’s hope he didn’t drive there.)

While gallivanting around Europe to promote Star Trek Into Darkness, J.J. Abrams apparently stopped by one of Britain’s most famous fictional estates: Downton Abbey, home of enough ominous musical cues and mysteries to be, well, a J.J. Abrams creation. Here’s the man himself, mixing something in the kitchen under the watchful eye of Mrs. Hughes (a.k.a. actress Phyllis Logan):


Don’t you love when the celebrities you like turn out to love your favorite movies and TV shows? (Case in point: Elizabeth Banks’s obsessive love for Game of Thrones; Elijah Wood’s obsessive love for Game of Thrones; Parks and Recreation creator Michael Schur’s obsessive love for Game of Thrones… I’m sensing a pattern here.)

And chances are that Abrams’s appearance was exciting for some of the set’s regulars as well — given the show’s popularity and how big Downton‘s own cast is, I’d bet that someone there is also a big Lost fan. Maggie Smith, maybe? Please, please say it’s Maggie Smith.

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