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How about that 'family tattoo,' says the Prez

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There are lots of ways to keep your teens and preteens in line but none are as fun as a little threat of embarrassment. That’s why what President Obama told The Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie about what would happen should Sasha or Malia ever go out and get a tattoo is sure to make many parents laugh. I know I did.

The Commander In Chief has told his girls that should they get inked,  their parents would both get the same tattoos on the same part of the body, then post a video of it on YouTube and call it the “family tattoo.” You can get the joke of it all in his voice near the end of the video below (around 3:20) but it would be an inspired parental reaction, and not quite on the level of making your kid hold a sandwich board streetside touting their transgression.