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Ryan Lochte interview leaves anchors in stitches -- VIDEO

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If you need a laugh right about now, you’ll want to watch this. Good Day, the morning show on Philadelphia’s Fox 29, did a satellite interview yesterday with Ryan Lochte, who’s promoting Sunday’s premiere of his E! reality show What Would Ryan Lochte Do?. Here’s the full interview. Below is the part you’ll care about — anchors Mike Jerrick and Sheinelle Jones laughing uncontrollably afterward. She almost loses a false eyelash from crying.


If you can’t watch the videos, the hilarity is how earnest Lochte is when describing his unique lifestyle (he likes to dance, hang out with friends and family, and play basketball and skateboard); how stumped he gets when asked what a woman could say to catch his attention; and how his philosophy — “If you’re a man at night, you gotta be a man in the morning” — pertains to him partying at night and still swimming in the morning.

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