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'Supernatural,' 'Chicago Fire,' 'Big Bang Theory,' 'NCIS': Spoilers

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Spoiler Room
Frank Ockenfels/The CW; Sonja Flemming/CBS; Elizabeth Morris/NBC

Spoiler Room
Frank Ockenfels/The CW; Sonja Flemming/CBS; Elizabeth Morris/NBC

What awaits the Winchesters when they meet Metatron? What’s going to shake up Chicago Fire? And how does Nicolas Cage (sort of) make an appearance on The Big Bang Theory? Answers to all that and more in this week’s column.

Enjoy, friends. Best to you and yours on this emotional week.


Supernatural has introduced us to a number of mega-angels over the years but one of the most important introductions (at least in terms of this season) is still on the horizon.

In “The Great Escapist,” airing May 1, we’ll finally meet archangel Metatron (Curtis Armstrong), the angel rumored to be the scribe of God. The problem? “Metatron is a recluse and not by accident,” says executive producer Jeremy Carver. “So it’s going to be something of a chore to yank him from the life he has become accustomed. He’s not exactly a willing participant.”

Meanwhile, the exact nature of Sam’s mysterious trial-caused ailments will start to become a little clearer, but as a result, we’ll find ourselves asking “what kind of effect this has on him not just physically but emotionally,” says Carver. “The weaker Sam gets, the more Dean has to stand up, and I think both boys are going to have to grapple with some very, very big things that happen in these last four episodes.”

Bonus scoop: May 8’s episode entitled “Clip Show” is not going to be what Carver jokingly describes as “your typical, 1980s, trapped-in-an-elevator greatest moments.” So what IS the reason for the episode title? “I think part of the fun of the title is understanding just what the title means over the course of watching the episode. So I’ll leave it at that,” he says. So are we in store for a lighter, fun episode? “I don’t know. Call me afterwards,” he says with a laugh. “I don’t think you’re going to say it was fun. I would say it’s pretty earth-shaking in a way. [It’s] fun in an edge-of-your-seat way.”


Tragedy is about to strike on Chicago Fire.

In previewing the show’s upcoming final run of episodes, Executive Producer Matt Olmstead tells me that episode 22 will see a big death will occur on the show, and the aftermath will be felt through the final episodes, with the police department playing a big part in episodes 23 and 24. (These episodes are part of the so-called spin-off project, but Olmstead insists they are very much Chicago Fire episodes.)

After all the heated interactions the firehouse has had with the police department this season (specifically the storyline involving dirty cop Hank Voight and Casey), says Olmstead, these episodes will find them “having to lean on them” as the investigation into the death proceeds. “Voight will figure prominently into these episodes,” he teases.

For more scoop on Shay and Severide’s possible impending baby (are they really going for it?), Casey’s complicated love life (Hallie plays a big part in the final episodes), and this year’s cliffhanger (there are “a couple of big” ones) stay tuned for my full preview of the final Chicago Fire episodes.

‘BBT’: D&D fun!

What’s a group of fun-loving girls to do when plans for a weekend trip to Vegas fall through? Well, for any normal gang, one of the last things on that list would be play Dungeons & Dragons. But Penny, Bernadette, and Amy are not a normal gang. And thank goodness for that!

In the season’s penultimate episode, the girls will find themselves crashing the boys’s D&D night with hilarious results, according to EP Steve Molaro. “This time Wolowitz is Dungeon Master,” he teases. “His little spin as Dungeon Master is when he’s bringing these creatures and characters to life in the game, they may sound shockingly like some beloved celebrities in Hollywood. It’s possible right in the beginning there’s a huge oak tree with a face on it that looks suspiciously like Nicolas Cage, and the tree sounds a lot like Nicolas Cage. It is wildly funny. Simon is just off-the-charts hilarious doing these voices as the Dungeon Master in this episode.”

But there will be one member conspicuously absent from the evening – Raj, who takes Lucy on a lovely date. “[Lucy] has been challenging herself to do more things that scare her to sort of work through her social anxiety, and they attempt to do one of those together that night,” he shares.

Speaking of breakthroughs, Molaro says the finale will feature a huge one for a certain character – which is one of several character-driven moments in the show’s last episode of the season. “There is a watershed moment in the episode that we’re really excited about.”