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'Go On': Does it deserve a second season?

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Go On concluded its first season Thursday night with a solid episode that brought a lot of closure to the story of Ryan King (Matthew Perry), the radio sportscaster whose journey through grief we’ve been following all season.

The episode was everything a fan of the show could have wanted — a funny but poignant half-hour that found Ryan’s oddball support group banding around him as he struggled to make an important step on the ladder of healing.  Specifically, Ryan had to decide how to spread his wife’s ashes, and when he finally did, it prompted his fellow support group members to take equally big steps. In the end, Ryan was able to find enough peace to sleep through the middle of the night — something he hadn’t been able to do since the night his wife died in car accident. It was sweet.

And I can’t say the rest of the season has been much different. Every week, the show has consistently delivered a dose of dark humor, layered with an often scoffed-at level of sincerity. (The pilot made me cry — and it wasn’t the last time I did so during the season.) A real odd duck of a comedy, this show.

That’s what I enjoyed from the offset, though, and what made me continue to check in on it. And yes, I’ve been watching. However, not with the must-watch vigor with which I attend to some of my other favorite comedies — like Parks and Recreation, How I Met Your Mother, or New Girl. In that lies the show’s biggest issue.

I’ve consumed the majority of the season in gluttonous online-provided chunks at a time rather than watching week-to-week or even every two weeks. Why? I’m honestly not sure. Why do any of us let TV we enjoy pile up? There’s only so much time in a day. I’m too busy catching up on other shows. I randomly got sucked into watching Supermarket Sweep on YouTube. Take your pick. But in the process of flooding my mind with excuses, I’m killing a good TV show. And that’s a grief I’m not ready to handle.

Does Go On deserve a second season? Yes. But if they are granted this gift, they should accept it knowing it comes with a responsibility — like getting a puppy for Christmas. A responsibility to be not just good but great. A responsibility to make John Cho a bigger part of the show (because he’s underused, awesome, and needs to sing more on screen). And a responsibility to make me not just enjoy Ryan’s interactions with his group but make me want to be a part of them.



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