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Feedback: April 19, 2013

You talked, we listened

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Once Upon a Time Lord…

Thanks for another great cover story on Doctor Who. I’ve been a Whovian since 1976 and was pleased that you didn’t ignore the classic Doctors. You could fill a whole magazine with Doctor Who, and I’d like to see that sometime in the future…or the past (depending on which way my TARDIS travels). —JIM CARTWRIGHT, Hesperia, Calif.


How could you forget about the mysterious Twelfth Doctor : Peter Cushing? His ’60s Doctor Who movies, Dr. Who and the Daleks and Daleks Invasion Earth: 2150AD, were film versions of early TV episodes. Despite the introduction of the Who concept to U.S. viewers in 1966 and the uniqueness of a color version for British viewers, the film series stopped when the second movie brought in much less than the first. Still, in the huge Who family there should be room for these bizarre ”relations.” —RON HILES, High Bridge, N.J.

Senior writer Clark Collis responds…


The subject of whether the great Peter Cushing should be counted as a ”real” Doctor is, like so much to do with the Time Lord, one of considerable debate among longtime followers of the show. While you deserve a jelly baby for pointing out what many fans would regard as a grievous omission, we decided to side with those Whovians who consider the ’60s films to be noncanonical.


Long Live the Queen


Arrow has become the show I look forward to every week. Stephen Amell does an outstanding job as the conflicted, damaged Oliver Queen. When I read your story, what really thrilled me was the news that the execs are listening to viewers, especially those who, like me, adore Felicity Smoak. She adds the right amount of humor, brains, and spunk to both the show and Oliver’s team. —JULIE HARRINGTON, Lombard, Ill.


Don’t Ever Change


I enjoyed your ”Character Rehab” for New Girl‘s Winston (TV), but I feel he does fulfill an important role: that of straight man. I love his dry, deadpan delivery and his hilarious reactions to the chaos around him. —KAREN LONGO, Metuchen, N.J.


Cause Celeb


I find it upsetting that an obscene number of nonprofit organizations struggle to help those in need, and yet a show like Veronica Mars can raise $2 million in less than 11 hours on Kickstarter (News and Notes). I appreciate TV loyalty, but donations should be for causes that further global change, not for causes rooted in one’s own nostalgia. —RACHEL OLSHIN, Teaneck, N.J.


O’Dowd’s Radio Days


Great article on Chris O’Dowd. I first became aware of him from the movie Pirate Radio. While it’s not a perfect film, he holds his own against household names and his lip-synching of ”Stay With Me” gets me every time. —CORY GRINDER, Ringgold, Ga.