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Don Jon

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Ladies love cool Jon — he just doesn’t love them back. Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a muscle-bound New Jersey lady-killer (his name is inspired by the classic literary womanizer Don Juan) who starts to learn that life doesn’t mean much if there’s nobody in it you care about. ”I wanted to tell a story about how we objectify each other rather than really connecting or listening,” says Gordon-Levitt, who also makes his feature debut as a writer-director. ”We treat people as objects. We judge them by their surface and put them in categories. Everybody does it.”

Jon is worse than most lotharios, but it may not be all his fault. How do you see love and family as a virtue when your own parents (a bellowing Tony Danza and a nagging Glenne Headly) communicate mainly by shouting over dinner? And why should sex matter when it’s easily accessible online through porn, without any of the pesky neediness of a real-life partner? ”This is a guy who gets laid all the time and he’s still addicted to porn,” Gordon-Levitt notes. It takes a wake-up call from two very different but equally engaging women — played by Julianne Moore and Scarlett Johansson — to help Jon snap out of his selfish stupor.