Grady Smith
April 12, 2013 AT 04:00 AM EDT

The plot of 2 Guns isn’t quite as simple as its title might suggest — and no, it’s not a reference to Mark Wahlberg’s biceps. In the film, directed by Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur (Contraband), Wahlberg is a Naval Intelligence officer who teams up with a DEA agent (Denzel Washington) to take out a drug cartel by robbing the bank where the bad guys are supposedly keeping $43 million. The operation doesn’t exactly go as planned. ”There’s a much bigger play going on,” says Wahlberg. ”[Soon] everybody’s after us: the Navy SEALs, the DEA, the cartel, the CIA.” Naturally, our two heroes are less than ideal partners at first. ”I’m trying to get him to be my buddy,” says Wahlberg. ”We’re running together, but he has a lot of trust issues and I’m pretty out-there.”

Since his Oscar-winning turn in Training Day, Washington has mastered the art of playing potentially duplicitous characters stuck in uncomfortable alliances. Last year, he worked with/plotted against Ryan Reynolds in Safe House. This year, he’s sparring with Wahlberg. Nothing brings two guys together like being chased down by heavily armed heavies.

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