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'Girls' meets 'Blossom' -- VIDEO

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Geeking Out

Are Lena Dunham impressions the new Woody Allen impressions? Will everyone have their version in six months?

Whether or not Kerri Doherty is capitalizing on the success of Chelsea Davidson’s Lena Dunham/Zero Dark Thirty parody is somewhat irrelevant. In Doherty’s newest Geeking Out video, she’s stepped it up a notch, combining our ’90s nostalgia with our Girls obsession. Not only has Doherty imagined a conversation between Blossom Russo and Six LeMeure that builds off of the Hannah and Shoshanna moment from Season 1 where they watch the fake reality game show Baggage —  she even got Jenna Von Oy to reprise her role as Six.

It’s a pretty good parody, melding the idea of Girls with a darker version of the wholesome ’90s sitcom, and terrific that Von Oy was willing to participate when the show’s been off the air for 18 years. And they went all out with the 90s-tastic costumes, going beyond the signature flower hat to include one of those oversized paisley vests and the thick wool socks over colored tights. Doherty also has the Dunham/Horvath cadence down and nails the required “Wow, this has made me feel stupid” and “literally.”

What do you all think? Should Von Oy have tried out a Shoshanna impression? Should they have stuck closer to the facts of Girls or Blossom? Where should Hannah Horvath pop up next?

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