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Matt Damon's Water Day PSA


PSAs sure go down a lot more easily when they’re cleverly animated, legitimately funny, and narrated by Matt Damon. In fact, if it weren’t for the brief water.org plug, you might not even recognize this video as a PSA at all.

The clip takes one of our most pressing global health issues — the developing world’s lack of clean water — and illuminates it in a charming, irreverent way, mingling horrifying facts (more people worldwide have cell phones than toilets; only 8 percent of the world’s fresh water is unpolluted) with goofy jokes (calling a bowel movement “taking a Nixon”). The main takeaway: “Next time you’re drinking fancy bottled water from the South Pacific or moving your stocks while moving your bowels, take a moment to consider that the water six inches beneath your butt is cleaner than the drinking water of one billion of your neighbors.”

Happy Water Day, everyone!

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