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Miley Cyrus twerks in a unicorn costume

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Is it possible to have a fever dream while awake? At the very least this video of Miley Cyrus twerking in a unicorn costume will have you dousing your face to make sure you still exist in reality.

Some people wear neon bikinis and steal, some dress up like unicorns. To each his/her own.

Watch the bizarre video that Miley posted to her Facebook below:


If you haven’t read Miley’s Twitter, it’s really magical. Ever since Miley tweeted ”CHECK IT #WOP #1Z #Unicorn #Twerk” last night, she’s been tweeting and retweeting about her fun video (Also The Last Song was trending? Unrelated?).

Also, Nelly called Cyrus his “Lil sis”:

The song in the video is “Wop” by J. Dash and he’s  loving the Miley support:

Is this going to start a trend the likes of which we haven’t seen since the ”Harlem Shake”? Well… probably not. Unicorn onesies don’t grow on trees!

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