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'Veronica Mars' movie update

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Veronica Mars Kristen Bell
Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Thought Rob Thomas’s efforts to fund a Veronica Mars movie would end when his project hit the $2 million mark — less than 11 hours after its Kickstarter launched? Think again.

As Thomas told tens of thousands of backers via email this morning, he’s not planning to pull the plug on his fund drive anytime soon. What’s more, Thomas and his team are working to allow fans from outside the United States to donate, which would significantly increase the project’s potential revenue. Though all of the Kickstarter’s big-ticket rewards — the chance to name a character in the movie, snag a screening for 50 friends, or even appear onscreen in a speaking role — have been snatched up already, Thomas also said that he’s planning to come up with more high-end “thank you” gifts in the coming days.

Check out Thomas’s full email below. For the record, as of 9:30 a.m. ET, the Kickstarter campaign has raised over $2.5 million.

Holy cow, what a day. As of 4 a.m. CT, we’re just over $2.5M dollars. We couldn’t be happier. We really couldn’t. My wife says I’m insufferable, but she said that four days ago in anticipation of a day like today.

A couple important announcements. First, please know we are trying to make international donations a possibility. We are running into a couple thorny issues, but we want it to happen. It might take a week or two before we have an answer, but keep checking back. Know that we hear you, and we’re trying our best.

We can’t believe we’ve topped out on so many of our bigger reward packages. We’re working on coming up with some new high end rewards. This might also take a few days, but more will appear.

Lastly, thousands of questions have come in through the Kickstarter site. We’re making our way through them. They will all get answered, but it may take a few days. A lot of them are real stumpers.

Thank you so much,


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