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'Community': Jeff Winger does not believe in Changnesia

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Don’t forget: A new episode of Community airs tonight at 8 p.m. on NBC, and it delves into the mysterious neurological/psychological condition known as “Changnesia,” which Chang, er, Kevin (Ken Jeong) claims has robbed him of his memory, including all the horrific things that Kevin, er, Chang has done to our study group. Seeking a grant for Greendale from the MacGuffin Neurological Institute to fight this “terrible disease,” Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) commissions Abed (Danny Pudi) to make a propaganda film about the issue to help secure the funds. Abed, however, is determined to create a documentary that represents all viewpoints on the issue, including the one held by Jeff (Joel McHale), which is that Kevin’s pants are currently engulfed in flames.

Check out the following clip from “Advanced Documentary Filmmaking”, in which Jeff  — flabbergasted that everyone seems to be buying Kevin’s tragic story — tries to persuade Shirley to help him stop the feigned madness.

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