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Joss Whedon's 'Bus Ado About Nothing'

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The Much Ado About Nothing bus trip to SXSW (which has affectionately been named “Bus Ado About Nothing”) has taught us a whole new way to live vicariously through social media. Since Joss Whedon tweeted “it begins” late last afternoon, we’ve been inundated with photos upon photos from the MAAN cast. We’ve squealed with glee and cowered with terror, but mainly we’ve just been really really jealous.

Some of the best social media to emerge from this trip is the Vine videos mainly “produced” by comedy duo BriTANicK (aka Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher). Here are some of our favorites from the road.

Some vocal warm-ups to get us started: 

A quick hello from the cast:

The first part of the Magic Trick Trilogy (part 2 and part 3):

And lastly Fran Kranz in the wind (just because):

Kocher recently tweeted, “None of us had internet for 20 minutes. It was horrifying. We killed and ate @SpencerTClark. He will be missed.” So let’s hope conditions haven’t deteriorated too much.

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