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Mariah Carey Dreams perfume

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Mariah Perfume

Celebrity perfume press releases are traditionally the most flowery in all of entertainment. They have to be. But the announcement of Mariah Carey’s new scent, Mariah Carey Dreams, available exclusively at Kohl’s in April and on Kohls.com today, truly outdoes itself. An excerpt:

This spring, Mariah unveils Mariah Carey Dreams, a feminine fragrance that celebrates the many stages of life and evokes the most intimate memories.


Mariah Carey Dreams is a sensual floral gourmand that delicately weaves together notes, each one symbolic of Mariah’s lifelong journey. Dreams is an inviting scent that is almost magnetic in its essence.

At the top of the fragrance salted caramel apple and star anise combine with bergamot and toasted almonds for an unforgettable scent.

In the middle, a sensual hint of honeysuckle intertwines with alluring freesia and a delicate undertone of lily of the valley, creating a feminine middle.

At the base, a blend of warm patchouli, Tonka bean and Madagascar vanilla grounds the scent with a subtle, alluring aroma.


Designed to mirror the curves of a champagne flute, the Mariah Carey Dreams bottle is a tribute to Mariah’s festive nature. The butterflies entwined around the champagne flute hold a special meaning for Mariah. They are a representation of what matters most to her.

Truth: That top layer sounds delicious, and there is a 99.9 percent chance I will stop and smell the champagne flute the next time I’m in Kohl’s. So, job well done.

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