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'Game of Thrones' goes sporty! Check out this 'Thrones' map from 'Sports Illustrated'

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Sports Illustrated just released their Power Issue, celebrating the most important people in the world of athletics. And because there’s all a bunch of big fantasy nerds, SI decided to use Game of Thrones as the running motif for the list, including a massive map of the continent of Westeros reconceived as a representation of the power dynamics of the various sports industries. King’s Landing is now Selig’s Landing; Storm’s End is now Stern’s End; and the map boldly asserts that the UFC = Starks, while the NHL = the wildlings to the North. Controversial stuff! Check out the map, illustrated by John Hendrix, below:

Also, here’s the new SI cover, which shows Roger Goodell sitting atop the Iron Throne. But doesn’t that technically make him Joffrey? Or maybe he’s Ned Stark, and he should really watch his back? Where does rugby fit in? In this metaphor, is Jay-Z technically Xaro Xhoan Daxos, and he tried to get LeBron/Daenerys to come to New York/Qarth, but then LeBron/Daenerys was all like “Nuh uh, I’m taking Wade and Bosh/my dragons to Miami/Astapor!” Anyhow, go sportsball! (Click on the image for a bigger look at the cover.)

Sports Illustrated also talked to George R. R. Martin on their newest podcast. No, he did not announce a release date for Winds of Winter.

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