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'The Bachelor: The Women Tell All': 'He kind of acted like a frat boy'

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Who would have thought that the juiciest part of tonight’s Women Tell All special would have come courtesy of AshLee — not the Notoriously Tiny Tierra? Sure, Little Miss Sparkle had her moment in the hot seat, but (and spoiler alert if you’ve not yet watched the episode) she refused to break down in tears and apologize for all of her dastardly deeds. I, for one, was pretty disappointed. At least AshLee came to play with her (possibly completely fabricated) accusations about what Sean said to her in the privacy of the Fantasy Suite. Stay tuned for my full recap later tonight (UPDATE: Click to read Kristen’s Bachelor: The Women Tell All recap and Chris Harrison’s behind the scenes Bachelor blog), but in the meantime, tell me: Do you believe AshLee’s version of events? Whose new hairstyle looked better — AshLee’s luscious extensions or Robyn’s chic new bob? Did you find the footage of the sorority mob advancing on Sean while chanting “Take your shirt off!” as terrifying as I did? Post your thoughts below! And hang in there, rose lovers — there’s just one week left.