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On my iPod: David Boreanaz

As FBI special agent Seeley Booth on Bones (Fox, Mondays, 8 p.m.), he digs up forensic clues. But off the clock, Boreanaz, 43, kicks out seismic jams.

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The Jimi Hendrix Experience Are You Experienced

”I love him because he was the purist’s guitarist. This album’s just rough-and-ready, always. It’s funny, but I think I respond to heavy bass lines because I’m a Taurus, which means I’m very earth-oriented — solid feet on the ground can really feel the vibrations. If that makes any sense! [Laughs]”

Robert Palmer Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley

”Everything from this is great. Obviously Palmer became a hitmonger in the ’80s, [but this is] relatively undiscovered, I feel like. It’s such a timeless piece of music, and every song on that album is something you can just jam to.”

Rick James ”Super Freak

”I’m totally into Rick James right now; maybe it’s because of my workouts. But man, this song — his use of the guitar, his sense of style — it’s all pretty cool.”

Muse ”Madness

”I’m going to see them this weekend, so I’ve been jamming this a lot. It’s a pretty deep song. I think that these lyrics kind of explain my relationship with my wife, and my love for her.”

Led Zeppelin ”Kashmir

”I’ve been listening to this a lot — especially the live version. It’s so awesome. I introduced the band back in ’99 at Giants Stadium, so I have a small connection to them.”