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March 01, 2013 AT 05:00 AM EST

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The Man of Many Faces
Your interview with Seth MacFarlane confirmed what I already knew: The musically inclined comedian is more than just the creator of three popular animated TV shows; he’s a smart, witty, and ironically kind-seeming old soul who is often underrated by people who judge what’s on the surface. —Kylie Hemmert Twin Falls, Idaho

I’m weary of the line that if you’re over 40, you won’t have a clue who Seth MacFarlane is. I know it’s meant to be a catchy joke, but I’m 56 and well aware of who he is. And I agree he’s very talented. We old folks do not limit our TV viewing exclusively to reruns of MacGyver and Murder, She Wrote. —Janie Corey Delta, Colo.

Where did Seth MacFarlane get the Oscar socks he was wearing in the cover story? I must have them. — Lisa Beckemeyer Danville, Calif.

The editors respond… After the idea was conceived by photographer Art Streiber, the shoot’s prop stylist, Jamie Dean, went straight to work. Sadly, socks like these are not for sale. Dean says: ”We had to have original art made and approved by the Oscar committee…. They want to keep the idea of the Academy Awards as special as possible. And if [Oscar items can be sold] to the masses, then they’re just not as special anymore.”

Winter of Discontent
NBC is having a brutal winter (News and Notes) because it’s forgotten you’re supposed to run new episodes during sweeps. When Grimm is yanked in favor of endless Dateline episodes, it’s clear the Peacock network is clueless. — Nick Salvatore Century, Fla.

All in the Details
I truly enjoyed reading Dalton Ross’ column ”How We Transformed Into Nitpick Nation,” but now I can’t stop looking at Kevin Bacon’s half-tied tie each time I watch The Following! —Jonathan Segure Brooklyn

Critical Care
When I was a growing cinephile in the early ’90s, EW became my go-to source for movie info. Owen Gleiberman and Lisa Schwarzbaum helped me hone the way I looked at and discussed movies. So my heart broke when I found out Lisa would no longer be there to guide me through the hodgepodge of releases. I will miss you, Lisa, and wish you well on all future endeavors, be they cinematic or not. — Tony Smith Hattieburg, Miss.

You Tweet, We Listen
My goal in life is to be famous enough that @EW wants to know what’s on my iPod. — @oh_itsRoy
@EW @pattonoswalt Between Justified, Parks, and Community, he’s making his way into all my fav shows. Is Game of Thrones next? — @IrishCreamOG
@EW huge fan of EW but the fact that Titanic is higher on the list [”Top 25 Best Picture Winners”] than The Godfather: Part II is unbelievable. —@JamesGelberg

The Bachelor: Who Will ”Win”?
Sean Lowe will hand out his final rose on March 11. EW.com readers stand up for their favorite contestant — with pointed commentary from our Bachelor recapper, Kristen Baldwin.

Team Catherine
I think she and Sean are adorable together. If the worst things her sisters can say about her are that she doesn’t pick up her clothes and that she can be very “focused” (granted, I’m sure she has other flaws, as anyone would!), I think she’s in good shape.—Kerri
Kristen says: I find her a little goofy, but watching Catherine’s sisters suffer through her TV wedding to Sean would be hilarious…

Team Lindsay
I think she’s dying to be a wife and will make less-than-brilliant Sean happy. I liked her family, and clearly the two of them love touching each other, so there is a lot of chemistry there. I can’t believe I’m rooting for the dork in the weddingdress! —Samanthalowry
Kristen says: Agreed, Lindsay seems like a nice enough girl, but I just can’t with that awful baby voice.

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