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Dan Snierson's Hitlist: March 1 2013

Taylor Swift says her ex-boyfriends can write songs about her, Lindsay Lohan suing Pitbull, and more

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? Taylor Swift: ”If I’m gonna write songs about my exes, they can write songs about me…. It’s fair game” Styles! Jonas! Mayer! Don’t do it — it’s a trap! She’s totally going to write a song about you writing a song about her!

? Awww alert: Bradley Cooper takes mom to Oscars Oh, but when I take mine to the office holiday party, I’m ”sad” and ”creepy” and ”being referred to HR for counseling.”

? Walking Dead star Norman Reedus says craziest thing that fan ever sent him was breast implant Ladies, when giving breast implants to a male celebrity as a token of affection, they should remain attached to the body.

? Lindsay Lohan loses suit against Pitbull over ”Give Me Everything” lyric: ”I got it locked up like Lindsay Lohan” Ha-ha, Lindsay! You got burned worse than Pauly D in a tanning bed! (Please don’t sue. Either of you.)

? Megan Fox to star in Michael Bay’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film You ask: Does this mean their feud is over? I ask: Does this mean he’ll find a way for her to straddle a motorcycle again? Both legitimate questions.

? TV Land to debut reality series Forever Young, which features five ”juniors” under 30 and five ”seniors” over 70 living together Find out what happens when people stop acting polite and start forgetting their dentures in a younger someone’s Red Bull-and-vodka.

? HBO passes on James Gandolfini’s drama pilot Criminal Justice Well, sort of. At press time the network’s frightened execs were still drawing straws to see which one of them had to break the news to him.

? Google may launch line of retail stores Prepare to be annoyed when you ask the salesman where they keep the laptops and he says, ”Did you mean: Chromebooks?”

? DreamWorks Animation inks deal for trio of theme parks in Russia It’s no state secret — you’re gonna love Kung Fu Pravda: The Ride!