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Coco Rocha is the face of Banana Republic's latest 'Mad Men' collection

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Coco Rocha 03

The Face mentor Coco Rocha went back to her day job to front the campaign for Banana Republic’s limited edition Mad Men collection which hit Banana Republic stores yesterday.

When the model was asked to be a part of the campaign, she jumped at the chance. “I’m obsessed with shows like Mad Men because of the fashion,” Rocha, told EW. “I probably watch it because of the clothes, to see what everyone’s wearing, so I was excited to see what they’d do.”

Once again, the brand called on the show’s Emmy-winning costume designer, Janie Bryant, to help produce the collection — the third inspired by the AMC drama, which returns for a sixth season April 7th — and although there have been some complaints that Rocha is much thinner than Mad Men‘s curvaceous female characters, the clothes are definitely representative of the 1960’s mod style.

Click on to see more shots from Coco’s Banana Republic campaign and find out what she told EW about teaching her craft to contestants on The Face.

“It was right when Skyfall came out, so we were playing the [theme song] and other oldies on set,” Coco said of the Banana Republic photo shoot. “It was fascinating because we also shot in a style that was heavily used in ’60s photos, and I’ve never shot in that kind of framing before. It’s a Twiggy sort of style where the [models’ faces are angled] forward, and their bodies look smaller. I think we really got the essence of a ’60s campaign.”

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