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'Pretty Little Liars' React: Another dead body in Rosewood?!

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Eric McCandles/ABC Family

And another one (possibly) bites the dust …

In tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” the Liars continued their downward spiral(s). Aria struggled with her post-Malcolm relationship with Ezra, Hanna struggled with her mother’s secret, Emily struggled with Toby’s supposed betrayal, and Spencer struggled with Toby’s … dead body?! Let’s dig in!

First up, Spencer spilled the beans. Each Liar reacted to Toby’s secret differently. Hanna believed it (Mona was her best friend once), but Emily — who was convinced that Mona was bad and Toby was good — dragged her to Toby’s loft to do some snooping anyway. Aria, on the other hand, didn’t have time to be convinced of anything before her day got just a little bit crazier.

Aria showed up at Ezra’s apartment with coffee for two, but Ezra had a guest: Malcolm! The introduction went well, up until the 7 year old busted his chin open and needed stitches when Aria was babysitting. And as the nurse at the hospital reminded her, she’s not immediate family. Aria later broke down to her mother, who told her that not all relationships were meant to last. Does Aria not want Ezria 2.0 to work?! How much longer will she and Ezra last now that Maggie and Malcolm are planning on moving to Rosewood?

After Aria dealt with her potential-future-family drama, she headed across town to help Hanna with her present-family drama. After being paranoid all episode, Hanna and her mother (whom I’ve deemed a temporary Liar based on her recent actions) finally got some evidence that they weren’t going crazy. First, Ashley thought she saw Wilden in town (did she?), and then Wilden’s car showed up in their garage with the video of everything that happened. In a desperate move, Aria — and her muscles? — helped Hanna push the car into some water. A lake? A river? Why was there no cliff involved? I’m confused.

As her besties committed a crime, Emily played detective in an attempt to find out what Toby was really up to. She eventually got a text from Toby and was told to meet him at some old warehouse. Shockingly, he didn’t show. But red coat (briefly) did! Also, who was the new guy that “Toby worked with?” How did he know Emily’s name? And was it Toby that really texted her?

Also playing detective, Spencer, after having received the “With Deepest Sympathy” wreath from “A,” followed Mona to the woods, where she found what appeared to be a small campsite and, wait for it, Toby’s dead body?! Based on the tattoo and leather jacket, it looked like Toby, but we never saw his face. And then there’s the small fact that we really only saw blood on his hand. Mona claimed he was dead. Do you believe her? And was it Toby’s blood on the note left in Emily’s car?

After Mona seemingly outran Spencer, Spence broke down — once. and. for. all. She spent the night sobbing, wandering the woods until a hiker called the police the next morning. And now, the once-feisty Liar resides in Mona’s old playhouse: Radley Sanitarium.

So many questions! What was with Mona’s money pouch? And did the fisherman’s discovery imply that Wilden’s car will resurface at some point? Is Wilden actually dead? Is Toby?!?! And can someone please tell me what Spencer was mouthing when the cops picked her up? It feels like the only thing I’m not questioning right now is whether Mona is good or evil.