Clark Collis
February 22, 2013 at 05:00 AM EST

Why he looks familiar

Last year Courtney played Tom Cruise’s nemesis in Jack Reacher. Before that, he appeared on Starz’s swords-and-sandals-and-sex series Spartacus. ”That was bonkers, man,” he says. ”I remember a scene when [late Spartacus star] Andy Whitfield and I were having a serious discussion — in the middle of an orgy.”

Why Jai?

The actor’s name rhymes with pie and is inspired by the ’60s TV show Tarzan. ”There’s a boy in the jungle that Tarzan kind of adopts called Jai,” he says. ”That’s where Mum claims to have pinched it from.”


A Good Day to Die Hard was shot in Budapest (doubling as Moscow), which, judging from the finished film, the production half destroyed. ”All the buildings remained intact,” Courtney says. ”But I think we wiped out most of Europe’s cars.”

Up Next

Courtney plays a gargoyle in the upcoming thriller I, Frankenstein. And he just wrapped the Aussie cop drama Felony, costarring Joel Edgerton. Despite this latest influx of talent from Down Under — Edgerton, the Hemsworth brothers — Courtney says there is no Aussie showbiz mafia in L.A. ”There are a ton of preexisting relationships, but we don’t all hang out in the hot tub together, plotting a world takeover.”

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