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'Arrow' preview: Colton Haynes teases Roy Harper's arrival

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Colton Hayne
Jack Rowand/The CW

Colton Haynes debuts on Arrow tonight as Roy Harper, and while comic book fans know the character to be Green Arrow’s sidekick, in his first few episodes on the series, the iconic character is actually going to find himself paired up with Oliver’s sister, Thea (Willa Holland).

But it’s far from love at first sight.

Their first encounter, in fact, is an attempted theft! Harper, who hails from The Glades, a seedy part of Starling City, tries to steal Thea’s purse, but instead of being scared of her attempted mugger, Thea reacts with curiosity. “[Thea] keeps trying to figure him out, and he’s just not into it,” previews Haynes. “She’s like that lost puppy that keeps showing up at the door. He’s just like ‘Leave me alone.’”

And Roy won’t be quick to come around, he adds. “I think Roy — at this point, in the episode you see tonight — is in the phase of, ‘Oh, poor little rich girl. Things must be hard for you as a multi-, multi-millionaire. Look at the way I live.’ So he pretty much throws things in her face.”

The contentious start to their friendship eventually changes course, though, and develops into a real connection, one that is about more than their dramatic differences, explains Haynes. “They’re both looking for something they’ve both never been given in their lives.”

With three episodes filmed so far, Haynes hopes that his arc allows him to be on the rest of the season. Until then, he teases, expect to see Thea “present [Roy] with an opportunity to possibly get ahead in the Queen world” and expect a curveball or two in the Roy Harper tale. “In the next three episodes there is a very, very intense encounter that kind of raises the question [whether] Roy Harper is going to look up to Arrow or if he’s going to make some mistakes and instead of taking [Roy] under his wing, Arrow might be going after him,” Haynes says. “You’ll definitely have to tune in to see which way he goes.”


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