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Gabriel Mann previews tonight's 'Revenge'

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Richard Cartwright/ABC

Will tonight’s Revenge will finally reveal the identity of the person viewers saw dead at the bottom of the ocean earlier this season? Absolutely. In fact, Gabriel Mann promises, “it will be hard to miss.”

“It sets us up on a crash course to the rest of the season,” he says of the episode, titled “Sacrifice.” “It certainly re-ups the revenge games that have been going on in a completely different way….It’s a mother of an episode, for sure.”

Tonight’s explosive hour, which finds the Graysons throwing their annual Labor Day bash, comes smack in the middle of what Mann says are some of the season’s best episodes as they are dripping in the payoff fans have been waiting for. “I love these episodes because I think that they are everything that’s fantastic about the show,” he says. “All the questions people have and all the different mysterious elements that take [the characters] a beat to figure out, generally come back to bite the characters in the ass.”

And you couldn’t really ask for a bigger “bite” than tonight’s death, the fallout of which will be explored in the coming episodes. “I think [the episode] really begins to change a lot of the psychology of a lot of the characters that people have come to know on the show,” he says. “At a certain point, enough terrible things happen that it’s going to affect you in some kind of extreme way. That has happened in spades as a result of the last four episodes we’ve shot since the boat exploding episode. It’s really kept all of us on our toes.”

Watch a clip from the episode, airing tonight on ABC below:


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