Tom LeGoff
February 15, 2013 at 08:45 PM EST
Tom LeGoff

The Oscar-nominated documentary shorts tend to be a little more sobering than the animated and live action shorts. These filmmakers are attempting to show current realities, no matter how difficult or unpleasant they might be. But there is also beauty amid the pain.

There’s the 15-year-old homeless girl who finds comfort in her art, the stoic and hard working canners in New York, the sick but brave Rwandan children treated by another country’s generosity, the Long Island cancer patients who lose all their hair but gain a lot more, and the retirement community residents who find moments of joy in the middle of old age’s toughest moments.

With just over a week left before the Oscars, EW spoke to the directors of all the nominated documentary shorts for this deep dive into the category.

We’ve included trailers for all five nominees, but be sure to check out ShortsHD’s website for the Oscar-nominated shorts for information about where the full films are playing in local theaters and how you can access the films on iTunes and VOD.


Kings Point

Mondays at Racine

Open Heart


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