February 15, 2013 at 07:30 PM EST

You’re insecure? The residents and servants of Downton Abbey don’t know what for — you’re turning heads when you walk through their (elaborately designed) do-o-or!

Need even more reassurance? Just watch mashup artist Richard Sandling’s awesome new video, which features Matthew, Mary, Bates, Anna, and even the Dowager Countess herself “singing” One Direction’s romantic/insidious hit “What Makes You Beautiful.” Though some of the clips repeat after the first chorus, you’ll want to watch all the way to the end anyway — especially to see how Sandling handles the “na-na-na-na” part.

In related news, PBS will air Downton‘s season 3 finale this Sunday. What a lead-up to this auspicious weekend! (What’s a weekend?)

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