February 12, 2013 at 11:05 PM EST

Looper and Lincoln star Joseph Gordon-Levitt may have spent most of his year working on movies with a bit of a dark side, but he lightens things up in a new skit about vocabulary with Murray in the Sesame Street clip below.

Taking to the Street, Gordon-Levitt, or “Joe” as the monsters call him, helps Murray to understand the concept behind the word “reinforce” through a series of near misses for his watch.

His enthusiasm for his fun red watch is palpable. Will the reinforcement be effective? Or will Murray smash the gift from grandma into smithereens?

Sesame Street has done a fantastic job incorporating stars and pop culture into its latest episodes (this is the 43rd season of the children’s show) — and this latest one with the Lincoln star is no exception. Celebrities like Jon Hamm, Melissa McCarthy, and Donald Glover have shown up in recent episodes, and combining star power with spoofs on popular dramatic fare gets few complaints from parents tuning in alongside their little ones.

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