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February 12, 2013 at 11:12 PM EST

Geoff Johns has been steering Green Lantern for close to a decade now. His contribution to the character can’t be overstated. He brought back the iconic Silver Age alter ego Hal Jordan, and made the hero such an important fixture in the universe that a whole cosmic crossover, Blackest Night, emanated from Lantern‘s glow. (Johns is a big reason why everyone thought a Green Lantern movie was a good idea. Which, in principle if not reality, it was.)

But now, the Associated Press reports that Johns is stepping down from the title. The writer will depart the title with the upcoming issue 20, a mega-sized 64-pager. From there, Johns will focus on Justice League-related titles…an intriguing decision, since Warner Bros. is currently hot-to-trot on the Justice League movie. (If you’re interested in ambient movie possibilities, Johns will also continue to write Aquaman. Hey, you know who’d make a great Aquaman? Michael Fassbender. Maybe with Benedict Cumberbatch as Ocean Master. Gossip Gossip Gossip!)

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