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Lucy Liu As Watson On 'Elementary'

How Watson became a lady

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”I needed to find a way to make Sherlock fans ready for Watson to be a woman,” says costume designer Rebecca Hofherr of dressing the female version of the iconic character for the CBS drama (Thursdays at 10 p.m.). Her approach? Ditch the tweed and bowler hat, and work with Liu to build a wardrobe of classic pieces from contemporary brands like J. Crew and Isabel Marant. ”Lucy loves clothes and she loves to shop,” says Hofherr, who hints that Watson may soon have occasion to wear something sexy. ”I’m sure we’ll get to cocktail parties or other big events that require her to dress up. I’m waiting!”

Mad for Plaid

Jonny Lee Miller’s character favors plaid shirts and tartan scarves, but Hofherr says the sartorial quirk is not an homage to the original Sherlock. ”It was really just to establish the character as being methodical. His costumes are an ode to British fashion rather than to Sherlock.”

New York City Style

Ankle boots, chic cold-weather accessories, and other Watson wardrobe staples aren’t just trendy, they’re practical. ”[”We”] didn’t want her to stand out among the crime scenes. They’re out in warehouses finding dead bodies, so it’s important that her clothes are functional,” says the costume designer. ”She wears things from Barneys just as much as she wears H&M. It’s a nice mix that makes her more of a real character. It’s very true to how a woman with her job would shop in New York City.”