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How About That Star Wars News?!

J.J. Abrams is mum about specific plans. ”I want to do the fans proud,” he said last month. ”I want to make sure the story is something that touches people.” Here’s what his Star Trek colleagues have to say.

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”I won’t lie — when I found out about it like everybody else, by reading about it, it did make me worry about the future. But this is all natural and healthy. Nothing gold can stay, Ponyboy.”—Co-writer Roberto Orci

”I don’t think that anybody feels like he’s going — we feel like he’s growing. J.J. surrounds himself with talented people, and if the day is coming where he has to hand off the director’s chair to someone, then we will all embrace that person and trust that [the new director is] the best choice. We’re excited that he is being so bold and so declarative about what he wants to do and sees ways to bring his talent to a classic franchise — like Star Trek four years ago — that can use a fresh injection of new perspective. And we all benefit as moviegoers. And he’ll be around. He’ll still produce our movie even if he doesn’t direct it. And maybe there’s some version of this where [an upcoming Trek film] fits in [to the release calendar] in a way where he can come back around as director for us as well.”—Zachary Quinto

”J.J. creates a lot of quality control and creative energy, and that doesn’t stop when he leaves the room. I’ll be disappointed [if he doesn’t direct our third film], but there are people in his circle that will carry on. Or kidnapping is always an option, right?”—Chris Pine

”It’s so funny — when somebody told me about J.J., I thought my heart was going to burst. I was so, so happy. There’s a little boy in there who thought Star Wars was the greatest thing ever seen, and all he wanted was to be part of it and learn from it. And just think — now, with all that he’s done, to get that dream to come true? That’s something to be admired, and that’s something to be inspired by. That’s kismet.”—Zoë Saldana