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Feedback: Feb 15 2013

You talk, we listen

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Eyes on the Prize

My heart regained that special rhythm it has every year when I receive your Oscar issue. I read anything Oscar-related and would’ve been satisfied if that had been all, but then you do a full feature on Edith Head. Then I find the article on Sacheen Littlefeather. It told me everything I ever wanted to know about that fascinating Oscar moment. Thank you.
Paul Rosen
West Windsor, N.J.

Many an afternoon was spent in one of the great Hollywood Boulevard movie palaces admiring the gowns Edith Head produced for classic ’50s films. I appreciated your tribute, but I was disappointed you did not include a sketch of Grace Kelly’s gold-lamé costume from To Catch a Thief. It still makes an impression on me.
Regina Morin
San Diego

Like many others, I was shocked when I heard that Ben Affleck was not nominated for Best Director for Argo. The fact that he has become such a wonderful filmmaker after having experienced disappointments in his acting career is a huge achievement in itself. A nomination would have served as further recognition of all the hard work he’s done to get to where he is in his career today.
Pamela Chaves
Adelanto, Calif

International Flavor

I’m glad you showed that there is more to K-pop than PSY with your mention of Girls’ Generation in “15 New Stars We Love” (Music). I’d also recommend the South Korean girl group 2NE1, who are a wonderful mix of Lady Gaga and Pink.
Phil Budwick
Arlington, Va.

A Declawed Cat

Your lukewarm review of the Cat on a Hot Tin Roof revival was on target (Stage). After seeing the show, I returned to the 1958 movie with Elizabeth Taylor and Paul Newman to remind myself why I found this revival so lackluster. Scarlett Johansson shrieks her way through the first act and left me uninvolved. Frankly, Scarlett, I didn’t give a damn!
George Haber
Long Island

Tower of Power

I agree with Chris Nashawaty that Die Hard may be the “most perfect action film ever made” (DVD & Streaming). I have thought that each of the 20-plus times I’ve watched it.
Norma Tharp
Lake Tapawingo, Mo.


There are no ads on the music service Rdio (News and Notes, #1242).

You Tweet, We Listen

Starting my pre-@coachella homework. Daunting lineups, who to catch? @EW I need help! Please @DarrenFranich and crew, you’re my only hope! —@justplaythrough

Staff writer Darren Franich responds…

I spent most of last year listening to Brooklyn indie-pop outfit Tanlines and Canadian synth-rockers Metric, so they’re mandatory. From there, I’d choose some face-melting Eurobands (Phoenix and Hot Chip) and bands whose whole purpose is to induce joyful melancholy (the xx and Sigur Rós). And because I was the MVP emo kid of 2003, I’d have to go see the reunited Postal Service, who dominated every mix CD back when people still made mix CDs. And Café Tacuba and Janelle Monáe and La Roux and…man, I really wish I were going to Coachella.

Nominated For Nothing

They’re Not Worthy?

EW.com readers sound off on the movies we pegged as “too small, too weird, or perhaps simply too awesome for the Academy Awards.”


I was actually a bit disappointed by Chronicle. I had high hopes, but Andrew’s escalation seemed contrived. I wasn’t really “with” him when he went over the edge. So I’m not upset about it not being nominated for an Oscar.—LucyVanPelt


Even though the movie is flawed, I applaud pretty much anyone who takes a stab at something interesting. Kudos to people who recognize it for its brave attempt and mostly successful execution. Give me this over prequels, sequels, and bland adaptations any day.—Rachel

Magic Mike

It actually was a great film. Steven Soderbergh made a subtle drama out of what seems like a rom-com joke on paper. Too bad the marketing team sold it as a girls’-night-out film — “Go see men strip!” —Anon

The Dark Knight Rises

It likely suffered from the curse of the comic-book movie — the genre could be considered a cash cow pandering to teenage boys. Still, it’s hard to explain the lack of nods in some of the more technical categories, like makeup and effects.—Gojira123