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'Supernatural' recap, 'Everybody Hates Hitler': Everybody Loves Golems

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Supernatural 814
Liane Hentscher/The CW


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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
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Guys, I want a golem!!!

In fact, I think Sam and Dean should get in the market for one. Because the (approx.) 7-foot clay man proved to be quite the asset last night when the Winchester brothers found themselves going up against some Nazi necromancers in a really fantastic episode written by Ben Edlund, called “Everybody Hates Hitler.”

They were certainly not monsters we’ve seen before on the show, so in a rare event, the brothers (and the audience) found themselves on a fact-finding mission. What kills these things? (A shot to the head and immediate torching.) How strong were they? (Not stronger than a Golem.) And what did these necromancers want?

The latter question in particular was a captivating part of the episode. Sam had actually stumbled upon the case thanks to the Men of Letter’s treasure of info, which brought the story of a spontaneously combusting Rabbi to Sam’s attention. That Rabbi, it turned out, had a book filled with the secrets of something called the Thule Society — who were essentially a bunch of necromancers who helped start the Nazi Party. Jerks. The necromancers who chased the Rabbi wanted this book back.

Enter the Rabbi’s curious grandson named Aaron (Adam Rose), who came into the fold when he learned that Sam and Dean were investigating his grandfather’s case.

I tend to be hard on one-off characters we’ve seen on the show, but I have to admit that I really liked Aaron — and his Golem (John Desantis). They were a great mini comedic duo and I appreciated that Aaron was given a lot of backstory in a limited amount of time. (He admitted that despite having a Rabbi grandfather, he was an inactive member of the Jewish faith, and also admitted to smoking a religious gift he was once given. Ha!) I wouldn’t mind seeing this pair again — or seeing Aaron pretend to flirt with Dean again, which was a perfect scene in many ways.

In the end, the brothers defeated the necromancers — although, I believe one got away. And we’re left to wonder if we’ll come to face these necromancers again.

I’ve written before about how Edlund’s scripts tend to be particularly fun and off-beat — even when he’s given dramatic ground to cover as well — but last night’s episode made me realize that we’re not the only ones who enjoy these romps. Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki really shine in these episodes, and last night’s hour seemed to be as fun for them as it was for us.

Burning questions: What did you think of the episode? Did you enjoy the Golem and Aaron as much as I did? Were you a fan of the necromancers as foes? HOW great was the Men of Letters building? Do you like that the brothers have a home base again? Did you find Sam’s professor outfit as sexy as I did? Did anyone else notice that despite the urgency of the situation, Sam changed out of said professor clothing before going to the library? Do you think we need to see more freshly showered Dean in a robe and slippers? Was it fun to watch Sam “go all geek” on the MoL’s materials? Did anyone else appreciate the Dean-Sam brother shorthand we witnessed when Sam said he had something “stuck to [his] shoe”? (His way of telling Dean that he was being followed.) I loved that detail. Last, how did you interpret the liquor over beer choice at the end? Are the brothers going fancy?

Lord, help me, why do I notice this stuff? Time for QUOTEABLES (There were many!)

“Sammy, I think we found a batcave.” — Dean

“The water pressure in the Letter shower room is marvelous.” — Dean

“It’s probably not even that shar– [cuts himself] It’s very sharp.” — Dean, re: the scimitar

“You going to take off the dead guy robe?” — Sam

“It’s so sad that old people have to go so crazy.” — college girls, being college girls

“Why are you following me gingerbread?” — Dean

“I thought I was being followed earlier, but it turned out to be a gay thing.” — Dean

“Oh, my spleen.” — Dean, being beat up by the Golem

“He was my gay thing.” — Dean, re: Aaron

“They were driving instructions for a clay man.” — Aaron, trying to justify his smoking ancient documents

“What do you two do just break in wherever you go?” — Aaron


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