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'Schoolhouse Rock!': Our Top 15 list

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Believe it or not, Schoolhouse Rock! is 40 years old this year. That’s right, 40.  And while it was such a part of so many of our childhoods that the show’s intro line can still set off a warm fuzzy feeling in many grownups (As your body grows bigger/Your mind must flower/It’s great to learn/’Cause knowledge is power!), the old Saturday morning cartoons still have the ability to entertain and educate with their infectious songs and informative lyrics. My son recently fell over himself trying to show me this wonderful video his English teacher had shown him online as a supplement to a class lesson. It was Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here! He understandably had no memory of his parents playing these videos incessantly 10 years ago when the 30th anniversary collection came out. So down the rabbit hole we went looking at videos about grammar, multiplication, American history and more.

Now we commemorate our enduring love with a countdown of the 15 most popular of the Schoolhouse Rock! segments. Click through to see if your favorites are on our list.

15. Interplanet Janet

14. No More Kings

13. Interjections!