Juan Ortiz
Jeff Jensen
February 04, 2013 AT 05:12 AM EST

Amok Time” is a classic episode in the Star Trek canon, surely best known for inspiring… the name of the legendary pop group T’Pau. (It’s also the one where Spock goes back to Vulcan for an ill-fated mating ritual, and winds up fake-killing Kirk.) The season 2 premiere from 1967 has now inspired a pretty cool new piece of artwork by talented Trek fan Juan Ortiz. It’s the latest work in Ortiz’s series of retro movie-style posters commissioned by CBS Studios and Quantum Mechanix. Here’s your first look at the “Amok Time” piece, as well as Ortiz’s take on “Day of the Dove” (season 3, episode 7), in which a mysterious entity spurs a conflict between the crew of the Enterprise and Klingons.

Juan Ortiz

You can purchase the posters through Quantum Mechanix. You can find the other prints in the series here.

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