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Supernatural quiz: 'Warm Bodies' zombies, 'Twilight' vampires and more

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Jan Thijs

It’s time for Mystery Date: Supernatural Edition! While the whole vampire craze may be drawing to a close (Twilight: Breaking Dawn — Part 2 comes out on DVD March 2) 2013 is still on track to be a huge year for those that love the supernatural. Apologies to viewers who enjoy their zombies more in the style of Walking Dead, but it’s looking like the biggest trend is more romance, less death and destruction. Warm Bodies, in theaters today, centers around a love story between zombie R. and a human, Julie. It’s a great read – and surprisingly, in between the killing and the brain eating, a wonderfully original and charming boy-ish meets girl tale.

Which got us thinking: Readers probably have their personal favorites when it comes to the guys that portray these vampires, zombies, and werewolves (Ian Somerhalder, Robert Pattinson, Alexander Skarsgard, etc.) But what if we took the actors out of it? Based solely on the plotlines in the current books/movies/television shows, which supernatural should you, a “normal” human with a slight love on danger, attempt to begin a relationship with? The answer may surprise you – or help you justify a couple all-too-real conversations about an alleged hypothetical situation (ahem).

Take the quiz below, and then click over to the next page for your results.

1. Long term, you’d love to live:

A. In an airport.

B. Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest.

C. The woods.

D. Somewhere in the U.K.

2. A physical trait you enjoy is:

A. Square-jaw, or square-head.

B. Cold blood.

C. Huge biceps.

D. It might be nice if they wear glasses, but other than that, you’re flexible.

3. Your idea of an adventurous date is:

A. Sneaking around somewhere.

B. Climbing trees.

C. Playing lacrosse.

D. Exploring another town.

4. A less-desirable feature that you secretly don’t mind:

A. Clumsiness.

B. Bossiness.

C. A quick-temper.

D. Poor time management skills.

NEXT: More questions, and your dream date results.

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