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8 TV gripes you should quit complaining about

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Sonja Flemming/CBS

The world is imperfect. Especially Hollywood. But there are eight online gripes about the television landscape that have worn out their welcome. These all-too-common complaints have peppered EW comment boards for years and must be put to rest. Feel free to disagree, or add your own, but we say it’s time to stop complaining about online spoilers, Firefly’s cancellation, the Lost finale and these five other outdated grievances.

They’re not hugging. Spoiler alert.[/caption]

“There are TV spoilers online after a show airs!”

How many NFL fans watch a game the week after it airs? Uh, none. Because they know they cannot avoid hearing who won. Thanks to the growing pervasiveness of social media, it’s now the same for must-watch TV shows whether we like it or not. So if you’re really into programs like The Walking Dead, Survivor and Breaking Bad, and a spoiler would devastate your life, watch that season finale the night it airs, just like sports fans who make time for the big game. Don’t expect the rest of the Internet to wait for you to catch up (people in uniquely challenged situations — like viewers in Kyrgyzstan who must wait for U.S. shows — are exempt). Now as for those who post TV spoilers online before an episode airs, especially in headlines (like Salon did with last season’s Dexter finale) … yes, I agree, those people should be killed.