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'30 Rock' cast and crew thank Tina Fey

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Want to pass some eye water? Do you love 30 Rock more than you love eating sharp cheddar cheese in your PJs? Well we’ve got the video for you.

In honor of the series finale of 30 Rock, the cast and crew put together this tribute to Tina Fey where they praise her as a writer, boss, and friend.

Jane Krakowski (who better get her Emmy this year) gives an incredibly heartfelt account of meeting Fey and working with her over the years.

“She has gone through a phase in her career where her light shone so brightly,” Krakowski says, wiping away tears. “And she shared her light with all of us, which is really sweet of her.”

Here’s the video (warning: Don’t watch without weakness tissues):

If you need to go talk to some food about this, may we suggest some Liz Lemon Greek  frozen yogurt?

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