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Check out Netflix's new 'Arrested Development' easter egg

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Netflix is getting creative with its advertising for the galactically-anticipated re-debut of Arrested Development. Right now, if you search for something “blue” on the Netflix website — either just typing “blue,” or perhaps specifically looking for something with the word in the title, like Blue Velvet or Return to the Blue Lagoon or Mickey Blue Eyes — you’ll note errant bits of blue paint along the side, along with a telltale blue handprint. Clip on the image below for a look:

If you click on the handprint, the infamous “I just blue myself” scene from Arrested Development will play. No word on if they have any plans for similar marketing for Lilyhammer — maybe whenever you search for the word “Norway,” Steven Van Zandt pops up onscreen and says, “Ey, Norway, amiright?”

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