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PopStyle Intervention: Let's put an end to 'The Angelina Effect'

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Katharine McPhee
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

See what you started Angelina?

When Angelina Jolie popped and locked at the 84th Annual Academy Awards, she created a monster.

Thankfully, the Angelina’s right leg memes have played out, but even though a new awards season has begun, stars are still copying the red carpet pose. Come on, leading ladies, we’re getting into eye rolling territory. Only you can make it stop.

Of course thigh-high slits are nothing new, and for that matter, neither is jutting out a leg to highlight a well-toned gam (even Jolie had a less out-there version of the stance in her repertoire before she took things to the next level at the Oscars). I can understand why the women of Hollywood want to show a little — or alot of — leg, what with all hours many of them put in at the gym, but are we really going to have to see this awkward display every time they roll out a red carpet? No leg, right or left, will be as ubiquitous as Angelina’s, so everyone should just stop trying to follow in her footstep.

At the Golden Globes, Eva Longoria and Halle Berry tied for the title of highest slit and most over-the-top leg pose, but they weren’t the only stars that gave me restless leg syndrome.

Click through the photos to see the ladies who just couldn’t kick the habit.

Eva Longoria

This custom-made Emilio Pucci dress already had a lot going on, what with the intricate detailing at the bodice, long lace sleeves and key-hole back. Did Longoria really have to keep reminding us all that it also had a provocatively placed slit that nearly stretched up to her waist by standing in an way that nearly showed her entire bottom half? In a word, no.

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