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'Being Human,' 'NCIS,' 'Elementary,' 'Grimm,' 'Big Bang': Spoilers

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Michael Muller/NBC

There’s no shortage of reasons to stay indoors and watch TV this week, people.

If you, like all the stars at the Golden Globes, have the super flu, you should probably remain locked in your batcave to avoid infecting others, and if you don’t have the super flu, well, why risk it?

If you need more motivation than that (why would you?) check out this week’s column for teases on some of the fun stuff in store on your favorite shows. Your fave not here? Make sure you send in your questions! (spoilerroom@ew.com)

See you next week.


SyFy’s Being Human returns tonight, but before you sink your teeth into this new episode, Sam Witwer has a strong endorsement if I’ve ever heard one. “I think we’ve completely nailed [the tone] on the third season,” he says. “While I think we did some really great stuff in the second season and I think our best episode might be in the second season, I also think it got a little bit unbalanced — the darkness didn’t necessarily have as much humor to balance it out. So the thing I’m most excited about in season 3 is that there is a very keen balance between the humor and the dark stuff.”

I know it may be hard to imagine just how they strike that balance considering how we left the characters at the end of the second season, but trust me when I say tonight’s episode certainly has a few light moments. (Hint: My favorite scenes from the premiere involved some hallucinations.) But my one warning before you tune in? Don’t expect everything to be wrapped up immediately.

In fact, most of the episode, which takes place 15 months after the finale (in show time), will find all of the characters still looking for some type of closure. “[Aidan] had a very traumatizing previous season…and the consequences of everything [he’s] done are going to haunt [him] this season.” (Note: Come back tomorrow for a premiere post-mortem with Witwer!)

Bonus scoop:

+ What happens to Sally in the premiere will blow. your. mind!

+ Aidan rocks a grizzly beard tonight — and I totally dug it.

+ Mother doesn’t come up until episode 2.

+ And much further down the road, expect another flashback that goes “way further back into history than the show has ever gone,” according to Witwer.


In last week’s Elementary, Watson (Lucy Liu) made the bold decision to continue working with Sherlock despite being released from the duty by Sherlock’s father. So with Watson now playing free agent with Sherlock, do the rules of the game they play change? Not necessarily, according to Liu, but the action does speak to how much the pair has grown as friends.

“I think the reality for her is that it goes beyond being somebody who is being paid to do this job. It falls into a category beyond a career,” Liu told EW during a visit to the set of Elementary last week. “It [has become] more of a friendship and an intimacy that is inexplicable. Therefore, she’s going to do as much as she can to keep him afloat because he’s fragile. She doesn’t want to lose him because he’s somebody who she thinks is quite volatile.”

Meanwhile, Jonny Lee Miller says that while Sherlock certainly has trouble admitting to his growing friendship, the appreciation for her is very much present — even if he only shows it in his own Sherlock-way. “It’s a real friendship he just doesn’t have all the flowery bits around it.”

And it’s in honor of their unique bond, says Liu, that Watson intends to hide the fact that she’s no longer an employee. “I think there’s a necessary secret that has to stay there so there’s a pride retained [for him]. I think she understands that.”

Stay tuned for more from our visit to set, where we chatted with the stars about their post-Super Bowl episode and much more.


Last week’s incredibly emotional episode of NCIS paved the way for yet another tough hour this week, and while Tuesday’s episode is definitely something to look forward to, when I sat down with Cote de Pablo, we briefly turned our attention to an upcoming episode that finds Ziva and Abby working on a case together!

“We have pitched that episode for so long,” de Pablo tells me. “It’s been such a long time that we’ve sat with the writers and showrunner and said, ‘It’s been so many years, we can’t believe you haven’t had a girl power episode!’ So they gave us something — an episode where we work together.”

Can’t wait to see their dynamic play out? Me neither, which is why I asked for a taste: “There’s a really funny bit where you think Ziva’s got everything under control, but I think fans will love that at a moment, Abby saves the day,” she teased.

Meanwhile, still hungry for more? Return to InsideTV tomorrow for an exclusive video chat with the actress where she talks about the big twist, what it was like seeing the “heartfelt vulnerable, sensitive” side of DiNozzo, and more! (If you don’t want to miss it, make sure you’re following me on Twitter.)

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