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Arrested Development

The cult favorite gets a second life

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We’re getting the banana stand back together! Arrested Development — that cherished whip-smart comedy canceled by Fox in 2006 — is finally returning with a fourth season of 10-plus supersize episodes on Netflix. But don’t expect a straight revival of the old series, in which the dutiful son (Jason Bateman) of a flailing real estate tycoon tried to save his narcissistic, eccentric family from itself. ”Although comedically it’s very much in the same vein as the last series, structurally it’s a next step,” explains creator/executive producer Mitchell Hurwitz. ”Each episode is really about one character in the family, because this series tells the story of what happened after the family fell apart — as they’re being drawn back together.” While Hurwitz remains tight-lipped on the plot — ”The Bluths are caught off guard by the collapse of the housing market, even though they’ve long been in the business of making houses that do exactly that” — he gushes about the good vibes surrounding this reunion: ”We had such a great time together on the set. And I think that sense of fun really comes across. I think people will see the show and say, ‘Wow, they really didn’t take this very seriously. What a shame. This could’ve been a great opportunity for them.’ ”