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'30 Rock' cast reunites on 'Jimmy Fallon'

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Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski, and Jack McBrayer, all hanging out with Jimmy Fallon and telling behind-the-scenes stories about 30 Rock? And at some point, every one of them does a Tracy Morgan impression?

I want to go to there.

Last night, the principal cast of the celebrated NBC sitcom — 97 Emmy nominations, nerds! — visited Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, getting together for the first time since 30 Rock‘s wrap party in December. Their whole 26-minute appearance is worth watching, especially for the backstage tidbits. In the first part of the interview, for example, Jordan — er, Morgan — enthuses about that legendary wrap party, likening it to a Caligula-style orgy and saying that it gave him an opportunity to make out with every member of the show’s cast and crew. (Fallon: “Even with Alec?” Morgan: “Especially with Alec! I’m pregnant right now!”)

Unsurprisingly, Morgan was the most outspoken member of the group, frequently interrupting his castmates (and inadvertently preventing poor McBrayer and Krakowski from getting more than a few words in edgewise). Still, he clearly loves his former coworkers — so much that he serenaded them with a touching rendition of a classic Boyz II Men tune before the first commercial break.

But the best moment of the whole interview came when Baldwin recalled one of his strangest fan encounters. As the star tells it, he was working out at a gym in the San Fernando Valley when a brunette woman he didn’t recognize approached him. She introduced herself as though he should know who she was — then revealed herself to be Lisa Ann, the adult-film actress who played Tina Fey in a porn parody of 30 Rock released in 2009. Don’t worry — the trailer’s mostly SFW, even if the movie itself isn’t.

Really, though, you should probably just watch the whole thing, which includes five clips selected by the actors as their favorite 30 Rock moments. (Liz Lemon’s low-budget phone sex line commercial, Jenna and Paul singing “O Holy Night,” and Jack’s tour de force performance as every member of Tracy’s family are all represented.) The interview in its entirety can be found at Late Night‘s website, split into six parts.

Lemon out!

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