Sandra Gonzalez
January 10, 2013 at 09:30 PM EST

Hawaii Five-0 has scored a touchdown timeslot.

CBS announced today that the show will air a special episode Sunday following the AFC Championship football game — a high viewership timeslot that is sometimes thought of as second only to the coveted post-Super Bowl position. This year the post-Super Bowl timeslot went to Elementary.

Per the episode description, the hour will find Chin trapped in a Halawa Prison and fighting to escape before other inmates discover he is a member of law enforcement.

And in an especially splashy move, the episode will also feature seven new recordings from the legendary Jimi Hendrix. The songs, which have never been heard before, will be released March 5 as part of People, Hell and Angels, an upcoming collection of Hendrix’s previously unreleased recordings.

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