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New 'Downton Abbey' Tumblr: Edith with Googly Eyes

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It’s no Downton Abbeyonce, but “Edith with Googly Eyes” may just be the hottest Downton Abbey Tumblr of the moment. Edith with Googly Eyes is Lady Edith… with Googly eyes. No more, no less.

With the tagline “Finally something is going on in this house that’s about me,” (A season three line that hasn’t aired in the U.S. yet), the Tumblr, first discovered by Gawker, takes us through all of Edith’s high and low moments from the show. Although, in Edith’s case, it’s really more like low and lower.

Kicking off with a Dec. 19 post featuring Anthony Strallen — Ugh. Strallen — Edith has been Google-eyed (Crazy eyes?) 22 times so far. You can check all them out — and maybe make one your desktop background — over on EdithWithGooglyEyes.Tumblr.com

Now the blog just needs a parody Twitter account. Long live the Internet.

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